12 Weeks Silver Fitness Programme

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Offers a state of the art 12-weeks fitness programme that blends physical, mental and socially oriented training that helps you stay fit as you age. A unique fitness programme designed by a group of professional physiotherapists that looks into 4 essentials of fitness-cardio endurance, muscle strength & power, flexibility and balance for a healthier body.


Benefits & Highlights

● Holistic fitness training

● Goal-oriented – identify personal fitness goals

● Weekly progress tracking report

● Pre and post assessment

● Exciting and Innovative workouts

● Exercise buddy group

● Fitness debriefing sessions to understand purpose of the training



4 Essentials to Staying Fit as You Age & How it Works

Be your physical best by performing a variety of exercises to improve your overall health. The key to staying fit is in finding activities that you enjoy. Check out the 4 essentials of Silver Fitness, how it works and the benefits you can look forward to!

1st: Cardio endurance exercise

How: Using large muscle groups in rhythmic motions over a period of time increases your body’s capacity to handle activities of great physical intensity while your heart distributes oxygen more effectively.

Benefits: Improved endurance promotes independence to perform daily physical activities such as walking, house cleaning, and errands.

2nd: Strength and Power Training

How: Performing power training with repetitive motions using machines, free weights, elastic bands and even your own body weight will increase your strength, speed and reaction-response time.

Benefits: You respond to loss of balance faster and by building physical strength, your ability to carry out day-to-day actions – lifting objects or getting in and out of a car – is extended.

3rd: Flexibility

How: By going through stationary stretches and stretches that involve movement, your muscles and joints become supple; able to move through a full range of motion more freely and less prone to injury.

Benefits: Your body stays flexible and increases your range of movement for ordinary physical activities – dusting & cleaning, bathing or playing with your grandchildren.

4th: Balance

How: Balance is the ability to maintain the body’s centre of mass over its base of support. A repetitive practice helps your body maintain stability.

Benefits: Improves balance, posture, and function of feet movement which reduces the risk of falling and helps you overcome the fear of falls.


Enrol NOW!

3 simple steps to become Silver Fit!

Step 1

Call Aged Care Group (ACG) at 03-2142 1666 or email to info@agedcare.com.my

Step 2

Our client services will guide you through the enrolment process.

Step 3

Welcome on board! Get fit for the power to do more!


Payment Method

Bank transfer details:

Aged Care Group Sdn Bhd

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(Please forward your bank transfer or bank-in slip)



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