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  • Care

    Paying for Care: Can Malaysians Afford it?

    The retirement lifestyle is all the rage these days. While choosing either to age in your own home or move into a retirement village is a matter of lifestyle choices – the fact is: receiving care isn’t a lifestyle, it is a need.

  • Payment Options

    Paying For Aged Care: Trends & Challenges

    To fully capitalise on the trend of self-directed purchases of services, we need to work out the flaws in our aged care infrastructure – namely our payment options.

  • puzzle to represent social protection aspects

    Social Protection For A Senior Inclusive Malaysia

    Many have come into contact with the aged care system and are often left wanting, not for lack of the aforementioned reasons, but due to the lack of the necessary mechanisms that advocate social inclusiveness of our own senior citizens.

  • Business Ideas

    Business Ideas: Why Being Senior Inclusive Adds Value

    How often do businesses engage as well as reach out to the matured and elderly? As the population ages, there would be an opportunity for businesses to fill in the gap. Businesses must move towards marketing that subtly appeal to an ageing demographic.

  • Man reaching for money bills under a box representing scams

    Scams: Why do we fall for it?

    Why do people keep getting scammed again and again despite the red flags? Some may be inclined to say that if you haven’t learnt your lesson from the first time, you probably deserve it. The reality is much more complicated.

  • Investing for Retirement – Local or Abroad?

    Your retirement fund is critical to ensuring your quality of life and ability to live with dignity as you go down the journey of ageing. Hence, your decisions to make investments is especially critical at this stage in life. Source | Smart Investor, May 2017

  • Professionalising Care Through Public-Private Partnerships

    As we evolve into different stages of life, the possibility of requiring some form of care is prevalent. There are enough facts to pressure us to do something now – without hesitation and procrastination, especially when Malaysians are facing longer life spans.

  • Integrated Care: Defining The Future Provision Of Care

    Trends are the sort of thing that comes and goes. Yet, they typically capture the moment and represent the times we live in. As of late, integration is a hot topic and buzz word in health care. As a buzz word being thrown around, integrated care as a term has been used loosely on various occasions. So, what exactly is the concept of integrated care, apart from an intangible impression?

  • Integrated Care: What Needs To Be Done

    When integrated care is embedded in a community or neighbourhood, communication becomes easy. You won’t get ‘lost’ in the system as your medical history is collected, centrally stored and made assessible to your neighbourhood care providers.

  • What Does Akaun Emas Mean For Your Long-Term Care

    The Akaun Emas is focused on your retirement, but the accumulated money will not be enough to cover the cost of long-term care that we will inevitably encounter. First Published in Smart Investor, December 2016, Issue 320

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